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Kristin Saleri at the Corinthian
Kristin Saleri – An extraordinary Armenian female artist of the 20th century
January 2021 • By Çiğdem Gül • Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted

Çiğdem Gül, founder of the worldwide Intercultural Network For The Highly Gifted (INHG) and Journalist for language combination Turkish, German and English, gives us an indepth look at the inner world of Armenian artist, Kristin Saleri. Read the full article ››

Kristin Saleri at the Corinthian
An Evening of Celestial Majesty at the Corinthian
August 2018 • Houston, TX

It was an evening of celestial majesty at the Corinthian in Houston, TX, featuring timeless masterpieces by Kristin Saleri and Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel Exhibition. See more from the unforgettable event here ››

Ulkiye exhibit at Fresno State
Ulkiye on display at Fresno State
April 2017 • Fresno, CA

A full size giclee of Kristin Saleri’s “Ulkiye” is now on display as a one-piece exhibit at Fresno State University. The piece is on loan from the Kristin Saleri Art Foundation. Learn more about Kristin's Ulkiye paintings in this short vignette ››

HBU Kristin Saleri Tour
HBU art students learn more about Kristin Saleri
November 9, 2016 • Houston, TX

HBU art students came by QRI headquarters in Houston, TX to learn more about Turkish artist, Kristin Saleri. They toured the gallery of paintings on display and learned more about her work. Photos from the tour ››

Fresno State Magazine features article on Kristin Saleri exhibit
Fresno State Magazine features an Article about Kristin Saleri Exhibition
Spring/Summer 2016 • Cindy Wathen Kennedy

Hours before Kristin Saleri passed away, she asked her son two questions. “What will happen to my paintings after I die? Will I be forgotten?”
“I will make sure that you will be as well known as Van Gogh,” her son, Dr. Nansen G. Saleri, president of the Kristin Saleri Art Foundation, says he told her.
Read the full article online ››

Alaska Beyond In-Flight Magazine Features Kristin Saleri
Alaska Airline's In-flight Magazine, Alaska Beyond features Kristin Saleri
Aired: 03/2016 • Bridget Hill

Alaska Beyond magazine features an excerpt about Kristin Saleri's life, art, and Fresno State University's retrospective exhibit, Discovering Kristin Saleri.
Read the article on page 9 ››

PBS Kristin Saleri - Joyce Kierejczyk
Co-curator speaks to PBS about Kristin Saleri art exhibition
at Fresno State
Aired: 02/26/2016 • Valley PBS

"Discovering Kristin Saleri" Co-curator, Joyce Kierejczyk, gives us an introduction to Kristin Saleri's background and artwork, and a brief tour of the exhibition currently in the Madden Library, Fresno State.
Watch the video on Valley PBS ››

Discovering Kristin Saleri at Fresno State
‘Discovering Kristin Saleri’ opens at Fresno State library
February 5, 2016 • The Fresno Bee • by Donald Munro

An original retrospective exhibition features over 75 works of Kristin Saleri’s at Fresno State’s Henry Madden Library. The show, titled “Discovering Kristin Saleri,” runs Saturday, Feb. 6, through May 31 in the Leon S. Peters Ellipse Gallery and Pete P. Peters Balcony gallery. The following article features an interview with Carol Tikijian, who curated the exhibition with Joyce Kierejczyk.
Read about the exhibition and the interview with Tikijian ››

Houston Baptist University honoring Kristin Saleri and KSAF Scholars
Houston Baptist University and KSAF
September 23, 2015 • Houston, TX

Houston Baptist University held a special reception including an opportunity to view the new exhibit of Kristin Saleri art work in HBU’s Museum of Art. A plaque was presented by the President of HBU, Dr. Robert B. Sloan, and the night was also celebrated by the first two KSAF endowment scholarship recipients.
Photos from the reception ››

Article in Istanbul Life and Yedirenk sanat
Yedirenk sanat remembers Kristin Saleri
May 2015 • Houston, TX

An article about Kristin Saleri's life, her body of work, and the culture around her that influenced her paintings is featured in the May issue of Yedirenk sanat.
The article can be read on ››

Interview with Nansen Saleri
UH art students learn more about Kristin Saleri
October 20, 2014 • Houston, TX

UH art students from the Blaffer Museum came by QRI headquarters in Houston, TX to learn more about Turkish artist, Kristin Saleri. They toured the gallery of paintings on display and learned more about her work.

Interview with Nansen Saleri
Nansen Saleri interviews with The Daily Cougar
April 12, 2013 • Ms. Paulina Rojas, The Daily Cougar

CEO of Quantum Reservoir Impact, Nansen Saleri, interviews with Paulina Rojas from The University of Houston's newspaper, The Daily Cougar. In the interview, he answers questions about his mother's artwork and the inspiration behind the Kristin Saleri Art Foundation.
Download a pdf of the interview ››

Kristin Saleri work at Blaffer
Kristin Saleri at UH's Blaffer Art Museum
Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st • Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston

On April 20 and 21, KSAF will host a number of selected works by Turkish artist Kristin Saleri at the Blaffer Art Museum. Although Saturday's gallery showing will be a private evening event, anyone interested in attending on Sunday from 11am-2pm may RSVP by emailing
The Blaffer Art Museum ››

kanal D
Kristin Saleri Retrospective Exhibition
December 12, 2012 • Istanbul, Turkey • Kanal D

In memory of Turkish artist, Kristin Saleri, an exhibition was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The news was there to cover the event. Go to the coverage ››

kanal D
Kristin Saleri's Artwork featured in RH+
Issue 93 • 2012 • RH+ Art Magazine

RH+ does an extensive article on Kristin Saleri, featuring a number of her paintings.
Download the article ››